Hi. I’m Paul.

I’m a web designer and developer.

I’m familiar with HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, and PHP. I’ve built sites with frameworks like JQuery and Bootstrap. I regularly use preprocessors like Sass and Less; task runners like Grunt, Gulp, and webpack; and templating engines like Handlebars and Twig. I’ve worked with CMS solutions like WordPress and Grav, and I’ve implemented fast search solutions like Algolia and Lucene on existing websites.

I write for the web with a focus on accessibility and responsive design. I don’t believe in writing “mobile” or “desktop” sites. I do believe that a single site should look amazing on any device.

Drop me a line, and let’s build something awesome together.

Get In Touch

Have a question about a WordPress theme? Want to talk about a new project? It’s all good. Tell me all about it and let’s build something awesome.