Garrick is a modern, multi-purpose theme built to be compatible with Gutenberg, the WordPress core block editor and page builder. Personalize your website from the built-in Customizer, including choosing from hundreds of supported Google Fonts.

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Garrick is based on the Mythic theme by Justin Tadlock, and is modular in nature. Copy any file inside the resources/views directory to your child theme and edit. Change as little or as much as you want! The theme uses the CodyFrame framework, making all utility classes available in Gutenberg blocks.


There’s a few requirements in order to develop a new theme or contribute back to the project:

  • PHP 5.6+ (preferably 7+).
  • WordPress 5.2+.
  • Gutenberg 5.6+ or WordPress 5.2+ for Gutenberg block styles.


Garrick bundles the following resources:

Copyright and License

Garrick is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

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